Episode 144

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15th May 2024

Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal: Timing, Symptoms, and Treatments

In the latest episode of "Cracking Addiction," Dr Ferghal continues the journey with Dr Richard, exploring the critical subject of alcohol withdrawal. This episode is particularly focused on the timings, the natural history of withdrawal symptoms, and the potential complications faced during alcohol detoxification. The discourse provides key insights on when symptoms typically appear, ranging from mild to severe cases, and discusses methods of intervention based on the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

**Learning Outcomes:**

1. **Understanding the Onset of Alcohol Withdrawal:** This episode helps listeners grasp the variable onset of alcohol withdrawal symptoms which can appear from 12 to 24 hours after the last drink. Ferghal and Richard explain the concept of 'day two' of withdrawal, enhancing understanding of the physiological changes happening in the body during this time.

2. **Risk Factors and Complications:** The conversation thoroughly covers potential complications, such as seizures and delirium tremens. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing past withdrawal histories and comorbidities that heighten withdrawal complications, which proves crucial for healthcare providers in assessing risk.

3. **Ethical and Effective Treatment Strategies:** Highlighting the dangers of protocol-driven approaches in detoxification settings, Richard points out the importance of tailored treatment plans. They discuss the use of diazepam to manage symptoms effectively and the strategies to mitigate risks such as 'kindling.'

4. **Proper Management of Seizures and Delirium:** Key strategies for managing severe withdrawal symptoms like seizures and delirium tremens (DTs) are elaborated on, including the avoidance of certain medications and the focus on benzodiazepine regulation.

**Actionable Takeaways:**

1. **Recognise the Early Signs:** Listeners are encouraged to identify early withdrawal symptoms to initiate timely treatment, potentially preventing the escalation towards more severe complications such as DTs.

2. **Avoid High-Protocol Rigidity:** The importance of flexibility in treatment protocols was underscored, stressing individual patient needs over rigid guidelines, which might prevent effective symptom management.

3. **Prepare For Seizure Management:** Understanding that alcohol withdrawal seizures could peak around 24 hours post-last ingestion, healthcare providers should monitor and adjust benzodiazepine dosages accordingly.

4. **Psychosocial Aspects of Withdrawal:** Addressing withdrawal is not just about managing physical symptoms but also involves supporting the patient’s psychological well-being to enhance recovery success rates.

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